Over the course of a year, Ben walks away from the life he'd built in New York. His friends and family piece together his departure as he dissolves into the background of the city.

Writer/Director: Matthew Yeager

Producer: Javier Gonzalez



Brooklyn Film Festival

Windmill Studios

Mon Jun 1 US Premiere!


Windmill Studios

Wed Jun 3


Brooklyn Film Festival

Wythe Screening Room

Tue Jun 9



Matthew Yeager // Director

Originally from Houston, Texas, Matthew Yeager is a writer/director/producer currently based in Brooklyn. After attending NYU, he freelanced in all areas of production. He has directed music videos including Peter Squires’ Witch and the Oklahoma Trio’s The Real Bin Wang and shorts including C’est Beau and The End of August. He was Producer on the 2013 Fantastic Fest selection Sulfuric, and Associate Producer on Matt Porterfield's feature I Used to be Darker and John Gianvito’s Far From Afghanistan. Recently, he edited The Way The Crow Flies. Valedictorian marks his feature film debut as Director and Screenwriter.

Javier Gonzalez // Producer

Javier Gonzalez was Line Producer on the feature films Bonne Annee (Raindance Film Festival 2008), Halley (Sundance Film Festival 2013, Rotterdam Film Festival 2013), 3rd Street Blackout starring Janeane Garofalo, and on the TV pilot Proof of Concept: Lords of Magic starring Theodora Wolley. He is an Associate Producer on the feature film Sweet Little Lies starring Bill Sage, and a Co-Producer on the feature film JuvieValedictorian (Rotterdam Film Festival 2015), Summum Bonum (East End Film Festival 2014, Los Cabos Film Festival 2014) and Los Caprichos del Hombre (Distrital Film Festival 2013). Javier acted as UPM on the feature film Anomalous starring Luis Homar. Javier also produced the short film Hepburn (New York Film Festival 2014). Javier wrote and produced the Off-Broadway play Couch Surfing, which ran in the Access Theater in New York, N.Y. in November 2013. Javier was granted a Producer Residency by Dogfish Ventures from November 2014 to February 2015.

Cast & Crew

Miguel Drake-McLaughlin // Director of Photography

Most recently Miguel shot The Diary Of Preston Plummer (dir. Sean Ackerman starring Rumer Willis, Trevor Morgan, and Robert Loggia, 2012), and contributed to the filming of Kingdom Come, a Showtime documentary. His work behind the camera has also appeared on the PBS programs Art21 and Sesame Street. Miguel’s first feature as Director of Photography was on Sex Drugs Guns (2009), which won Best Feature at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. Since founding the production company Cowboy Bear Ninja in 2011, Miguel has shot for director Marilyn Agrelo on her films No Small Parts (2013) and The Untold Stories Of Motherhood (2013). Miguel is currently working on Sky Line, a documentary he is directing about an elevator that goes to to outer space.

Brian Dell // BEN

Brian is a writer and musician raised in the hills outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Before moving to New York City, he studied literature at Lafayette College, booked punk shows, and lived in his car and on the couches of strangers. He makes music with Controller and runs SundayRoutine.com, a chronicle of the day off routines of interesting people. This is his first film role.

Jennifer Prediger // SANDRA

Jennifer starred in Uncle Kent, a film directed by Joe Swanberg that premiered at Sundance in 2011 and was purchased by IFC. She has also gone to Sundance with Foxy Merkins in 2014 (dir. Madeleine Olnek) and A Teacher in 2013 (dir. Hanna Fidell). She has a co-starring role as love interest and obsessed fan in the Gotham Award nominated comedy Red Flag (dir. Alex Karpovsky), released by Tribeca Film. Jennifer also has leading roles in microbudget films Richard’s Wedding (dir. Onur Tukel) and Pollywogs (dir. Karl Jacob with co-star Kate Lyn Shiel). Trouble Dogs, the feature she co-directed, wrote and starred alongside her hilarious friend Jess Weixler also stars Megan Mullally, Will Forte and Jeffrey Tambor.